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Haddock, New Potatoes and Green Beans

Haddock, New Potatoes and Green Beans

Fish is one of the easiest things to cook, far far easier than most people think. Fish is versatile, healthy and tastes great. You can cook it in the microwave (see the Coley recipe) or another easy way is to grill it, which is what we'll be doing here.What with cod levels on a bit of a dive at the moment, it's best to choose haddock as an alternative to Cod. It's a little more expensive, but the plus side is it has more flavour.


handful of green beans
4 / 5 new potatoes
1/2 lemon
olive oil
fillet of haddock (ask your fishmonger to fillet it, they'll do it for free)


For: 1
Vegan: No
Vegetarian: No
Cooking Level: Easy
Time to prepare: 20 mins


Calories 345
LOW Sugars 3.31g
LOW Fat 3.87g
LOW Saturates 0.56g
LOW Salt 0.15g
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Fill a large saucepan 3/4 full of water and put on the hob to boil. Turn on the grill to high and if you've got any, line the grill pan with some kitchen foil (the heat is reflected to the underside of the fish, plus it means you don't have to wash the grill pan.)


clean the fish

Get your fillet of haddock and carefully wash it under a trickle of water from the tap. Just to make sure it's completely clean. Dry it with a bit of kitchen roll or give it a bit of a shake to get rid of the excess water.


olive oil

Pour some olive oil onto a plate and squeeze some lemon juice into it. Mix it together then carefully lie the haddock down into it. Turn it over and coat the other side.

You'll want to put the haddock under the grill about 10 minutes after you put your potatoes in.



So, once the pan of water is boiling, add a pinch of salt and put the potatoes in.


under the grill

After 10 minutes, put the haddock under the grill. You don't want it too near the top or it will burn a little.


beans in pan

After 5 minutes, drop the green beans into the saucepan with the potatoes. Green beans don't need as long to cook.

Check on the haddock. If it's looking a little dry, get a spoon and pour a bit of the lemon and olive oil mixture over it, just enough to moisten it.


You know when fish is cooked if it easily flakes away when you pull a bit off with your fork. Try doing it on a fairly thick bit of the fish as this will take the longest to cook. It doesn't matter if it still looks a bit moist, that's good. As long as it seems to flake away easily, you've cooked it to perfection.


So, carefully lift the fish off the grill and onto a plate.


Check the potatoes to see if they're cooked (push a fork into them, if it goes all the way through, they're cooked) and if they are, drain them along with the green beans, then put them on the plate with your haddock.


mmm fish

A nice final touch is to slice a bit of lemon and put it on top of the haddock when you serve it. And of course, you can always substitute the potatoes and beans for anything you like-mash, chips, peas, whatever you fancy. Enjoy.

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