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Colourful Lamb Stirfry

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Have a go at tasty lamb stirfry.



Green Beans



Cherry Tomatoes

Salad Onions

2 teaspoons Minced Garlic

2 teaspoons Chopped Ginger

Baby Sweetcorn


Almonds (optional)

Crushed Chillies



Simply chop peppers, green beans, mushrooms, onion and Sweetcorn keeping them fairly chunky on a clean plastic chopping board.

Cut the lamb into strips; strips because it's the right dimension for a stir-fry.

Chop up parsley.


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Place chopped vegetables in a bowl for using later. Cut the lamb into strips and chop up the parsley.


Heat a drop of oil in a wok over a high heat, put a couple of teaspoons of garlic and ginger and flaked chillies into the wok when it is hot. Keep stirring and add the chopped onions.


In another pan, when it is hot, start cooking the lamb. Add the chopped vegetables from earlier; peppers, green beans, sweetcorn and nuts to the first wok with the onion etc. Add the mushrooms to this pan; however if you prefer your mushrooms more cooked and softer then add them with the other vegetables earlier.


Combine the vegetables with the lamb and keep stirring through to cook. Add the whole cherry tomatoes and chopped parsley approximately a minute before serving, so the tomatoes don't go soggy and loose their flavour.


Serve up and enjoy!

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